About Us

About Us

VOV Gaming is enabling gamers, developers and dreamers of all genders, disciplines and abilities to explore endless possibilities and fulfil their potential. Our ambition is to create experiential gaming venues that become home for gamers to compete, learn and socialize.

Through the 3 pillars of Gameplay, Academy and Pathways, VOV Gaming locations will provide safe spaces for people to explore new games, new technologies, new skills and new opportunities.

Our foundations are based on building communities, developing wellbeing, and looking into sustainability initiatives for society.






We aim to connect communities of players, to identify capabilities and to share experiences through:

  • Discussing the latest gaming news through weekly gatherings at VOV Gaming venues

  • Monthly events that include fun activities and outdoor programs

  • Providing communication channels for our gaming community to share interests and promote the growth of the gaming world.





VOV Gaming is committed to help you prepare your mind and body to reach the next level. Through our on-site resources and the advice of health experts you will be able to enhance your competitive gaming performance while also leading a balanced and healthy life.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Foster improved visual health through a number of therapies
  • Promote mental health
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Support balanced nutrition




Create sustainable programs within our venues while offering incentives to the entire community of players.

  • The E-Waste program aims to recycle consoles and PCs in exchange for VOV Gaming points and partner discounts

  • Recycling of disposable materials

  • Sustainable products through VOV Gaming partners

  • Awareness of energy use and how to reduce consumption.